Cabbage Day #2

Hello there, Cabbagers!

It’s time for another exciting weekly update on our game development journey. The past week has been packed with significant advancements and improvements.

Let’s dive right into what we’ve been working on:

  1. Dynamic Lights – We dedicated our efforts to implementing dynamic lighting and shadow systems. As a result, collision detection now functions seamlessly with walls, enhancing the immersion of our game world.
  2. Revamped Snake Mechanics – We’ve made significant updates to the snake mechanics, opting for a more traditional approach. Now, colliding with any part of the snake will result in immediate consequences – for now it’s instant elimination. Brace yourself for intensified gameplay and precise maneuvering!
  3. Improved Main Character Movement – We addressed an issue with instant turning for the main character. Previously, it was possible to change direction within a single beat, allowing the character to turn around in place. This change not only aligns with our desired mechanics but also serves as a natural progression given the recent update to the snake’s self-hurt mechanics.
  4. Pathfinding – To add depth and complexity to our gameplay, we’ve introduced a pathfinding system. This allows us to introduce some more advanced behaviors for game actors. For example enemies will be able to chase you. Run!
  5. Actor Refactoring – In our pursuit of clean and maintainable code, we conducted a thorough refactoring of the actors in our game. This refactor establishes a streamlined and organized inheritance structure among the level actors, promoting future expandability.
  6. Main character art style – Building upon our art direction, we’ve decided to modify the graphics style of the main character. Probably, it’s not the final version, but we are close and that’s a great step towards establishing the overall art style direction. Below “evolution” progress preview.
  7. Music Research – Delving into the realm of audio, we embarked on researching music composition and began experimenting with various DAWs. Still a lot to think about, but we had a good start. Although none of us didn’t attend music school, we all know how to play on at least one instrument. Trying to compose and produce music by ourselves is tempting for us.
  8. Animated Logo Design – We’re delighted to unveil our newly designed animated logo for the game. Small and simple animation, but just brings vitality and liveliness to the game’s title.

    How do you like it?
Looking ahead

We are currently in the process of preparing level definition related prefabs, laying the foundation for new environments. Hopefully, we will start designing new levels soon.

Additionally, our focus extends to the graphics related to the first levels’ environment. Main focus is on tilesets and obstacles.

That wraps up this week’s progress update. We’re thrilled to be making significant strides in shaping our game. Thank you for your ongoing support and stay tuned!

Keep gaming and dreaming big!

The Great as Cabbage team




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