Cabbage Day #3

Hello there, Cabbagers!

Let’s dive right into the highlights:

  1. Dialog System – We’ve created a dialog system, complete with speech bubbles that appear above the actors. These bubbles can now be triggered by dedicated actions, enhancing the immersion and storytelling within our game world.
  2. Snake improvements – To streamline level creation, we’ve implemented a new tool that allows us to create levels with predefined snake nodes, opening up new possibilities for intricate level designs.
  3. Beat-Sync for Animations – We’ve developed a special beat sync script for animations, ensuring that our in-game motions align perfectly with the rhythm and tempo of the music.
  4. Level Manager – Yes, there will be multiple levels! This feature allows for seamless navigation between levels, ensuring a smooth progression and effortless exploration throughout the game.
  5. Level Design – In preparation for expanding our game world, we’ve created placeholders that enable us to easily create new levels without the final assets. Furthermore, we’ve already begun working on new level designs. Tricky challenge ahead.
  6. Graphics – We also have made significant headway in developing the graphics for the new in-game environment. Another challenge started.

The past week has been filled with loads of work, and while there’s still much to be done, we’re incredibly satisfied with the progress we’ve made. We’re excited to continue pushing forward, bringing our vision to life one step at a time.

Looking ahead

As we embark on another week of game development, we have some exciting plans on the horizon. Our primary focus will be on the meticulous level design of the first levels, ensuring that they offer engaging challenges and captivating gameplay.

Additionally, we want to start the first iteration of the graphics for each element within the initial environment. This milestone will provide us with a solid foundation to refine and polish as we progress through the level development process. We understand that ideas may evolve along the way, and we’re prepared to adapt and adjust the graphics to accommodate new inspirations and concepts that may arise.

Stay tuned for more updates as we venture further into the development of our indie game. Your support and enthusiasm are what drive us to create an extraordinary gaming experience.

Keep gaming and dreaming big!

The Great as Cabbage team




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