Cabbage Day #5-6

Hello there, Cabbagers!

It’s time for the latest weekly update on our indie game’s development journey. We apologize for missing the last update due to our private responsibilities taking up all our time. But fear not, we’re still here!


  1. Graphics – Regarding art we don’t take any breaks and week by week we increase our graphics library. Also at some point we decided to take a step back with the art style, and you can see the partial result of our effort above.
  2. Level Structures – We’re making significant strides in the level design department. The main structures of some of the levels are taking shape. Slowly, but first steps are usually harder.
  3. Planning Features – While we continue building the levels, we’re also looking ahead to the more challenging stages. We’re planning and defining the features that will come into play in these harder levels. By preparing the mechanics in advance, we’re ensuring a smooth and cohesive design process.
Holiday Plans

As much as we love game development, we also recognize the importance of taking breaks. Some of us have holiday plans in the near future, which might lead to more absences from updates. However, come September, our schedules will ease up, allowing us to devote more time and energy to the project.

Even with our busy lives, we’re committed to making the most of every short interval available. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting progress in the coming weeks. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. Rest assured, our passion for the game remains strong!

Keep gaming and dreaming big!

The Great as Cabbage team




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