Cabbage Day #8

Hello there, Cabbagers!

Time to start the holidays!

It’s time for our latest weekly update:

  1. Town Concept Designs Completed – We’ve completed all the planned concept designs for the town – one of the most crucial environments in our game. These concepts serve as the foundation for the visual appeal of the town, and we’re elated with the solid ideas we’ve generated. As we move forward, these concepts will undergo the level design process, adjustments, and post-processing. While some elements might be refined or even removed, having a rich array of objects to work with is truly invigorating.
  2. The Musical Experiment Continues – While our team mostly consists of coders, we’ve ventured into the world of music as an experiment. The process of creating music for the game has become a refreshing way to take a break from our daily coding jobs. Although we’re relatively new to this musical realm, it’s an enjoyable and exciting journey that adds another layer of depth to the gaming experience.
Looking ahead

From the next week, Madas will be leading the charge alone for the next three weeks while the rest of the team, me and Zaimatsu, take some vacations. As a result, our weekly updates might be suspended or less frequent during this period. However, we’ll be recharged and ready to roll when we return, eager to prepare the next level designs and push the game’s development even further.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as our indie game continues to evolve. We can’t wait to share the next phase of our development journey.

Keep gaming and dreaming big!

The Great as Cabbage team




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